It is my privilege, on behalf of my people, to welcome you to the Barbados Elite Club. As an "Exclusive Leader in Travel Experiences," this Club will be instrumental in familiarizing you with the many diverse attractions that distinguish Barbados and position us as the preferred warm-weather destination in the world.

We Barbadians are very proud of our island, which we consider unlike any other. The magic of Barbados lies in the fact that it encompasses a little bit of everything. "The Rock," as the country is affectionately known, is rich in history but has many sides, both historic and modern; it has contrasting views from the west and the east – from the tranquil beaches of the West coast which allows for relaxation and meditation to the awe-inspiring turbulence of the Atlantic ocean-waves crashing against the defenseless shores. And everywhere, whether brown, pink or white, the sandy beaches are simply breathtaking.

The very development of the Barbados Elite Club is testimony to our belief that travel professionals like yourself remain invaluable to our country and we remain committed to ensuring that you are supremely equipped to sell the island. We will ensure that you are rewarded for your efforts through the continued development of special initiatives to assist you in planning for your travel. This website will facilitate all your needs, designed as it is to be your best resource for finding Elite promotional offers, product updates and valuable information on all the many facets which make Barbados unique.

Thank you for your interest in our Club. I invite you to make full use of the many benefits which can be derived from your participation. We look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful island and making Barbados an ideal "home away from home" for both you and your clients.

Yours Truly

Richard Sealy
M.P Minister Of Tourism

Member Benefits

The focus of the Barbados Elite Club program is to be recognized as the most innovative program which exhibits new thinking and flexibility in order to keep specialists interested and engaged not just for the short- but for the long-term as well. We will seek to exceed agent expectations and anticipate emerging needs thereby enabling us to give compelling and consistent value to both the Barbados Elite Club specialists and their clients, thus creating the critical wow experiences they desire.

  • Exclusive e-mail
  • On Island VIP Service for ELITE Club members
  • Personalized client recognition on-island
  • Preferred Agent listing on Official BTA Website
  • Official ELITE Club Gift after first five(5) bookings
  • Exclusive consultation with Regional Sales Managers, NA
  • Joint marketing support (Trade shows, Co-op advertising etc)
  • Customer referrals
  • Invitations to Exclusive ELITE Club events
  • VIP Familiarization Tours
  • Booking Incentive / Rewards program